2014 Popcorn and Membership Kickoff

Saturday,  August 9, 10am – Noon,  Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation

POPCORN Kickoff:

Saturday,  August 9, 10am – Noon,  Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation

:Unit Popcorn Kernals and Lt. Kernals should plan to attend.  We’ll have unit Popcorn Kickoff kits for each unit. You’ll sample Campmaster Popcorn, win door prizes and learn what you need to know to increase your popcorn sale!

Be sure to bring your unit annual plan, and budget:  If you attended the May ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ event, and you turn in your annual plan and budget, you’ll earn an additional 2% on all your sales.  If your unit missed the May event, you can still earn an additional 1% by turning in an annual plan and budget.  Click Here for templates you may use.

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On the agenda:

Review of Prizes and Incentives including the expanded Blitz prize program!

Timeline, ordering and distribution.

Budgets and Goal-setting, Learn about the Micheal Beck presentation coming to Zanesville on August 27th.

Get your Kickoff kit and learn how to improve your unit kickoff.

We’ll have detailed Job Descriptions for your Unit Kernal and Lt. Kernal.

 Membership Kickoff:

Saturday,  August 9, 10am – Noon,  Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation

Be sure your unit is represented as we take you through the membership recruitment plan from Open-house to awarding the Bobcat to your new Scouts.

Learn the role of the unit membership chairman, how to conduct a Boy Talk, and School night.  Come to see the great joining incentive that ties in with our theme: ‘Wings of Exploration’.  Every Scout that joins this fall will receive the incentive and you’ll want to plan the School-night activities around it.

We’ll provide recruiting fliers and much more.  Boy Scout leaders should attend with their feeder packs so everyone can work together this fall.