Adult Recognition

Saturday, February 15th promises to be a big day for Scouting in the Muskingum Valley Council.  It’s our annual Leader and Eagle Scout Recognition Event!

All adults, leaders, Eagle Scouts and families should save the date and join the fun!  From 2-4 PM we’ll gather at the North Terrace Church of Christ in Zanesville for a fun afternoon of leader recognition.  Bring your unit leaders, decorate a table and enjoy the food, fun and fellowship. Here’s the details!


Advancement and Recognition is not just for youth within the BSA. There are a whole host of awards our adult leaders can earn. Take a look to see if you, or a leader within your unit or district is qualified. Click here for more information on what awards are available.

Uniform Square Knot Recognition    Scouter's Training Award Knot                                                   Knots for: Training, Leadership Roles, Community Involvement, Service, Faith, Supporting Scouting, and Advancement earned as a Youth in Scouting.

Religious Emblems Program             Adult Religious Award Knot                                                 Knots and Medals available for your service and commitment to your Institution of Faith.


District Award of Merit:                      District Award of Merit Knot                                                         The highest award a District may bestow upon a volunteer.


Silver Beaver:                                     Silver Beaver Knot                                                      The highest award the Council may bestow upon a volunteer.

District Awards:   Forest Trails     Zane Trace