Eagle Palm Process

Eagle Palms

Eagle Scouts not yet 18 may work on earning  an Eagle Palm Award.  Here are the instructions to follow:

At this point, information can be typed in then printed.

Requirements: Eagle Scout Palm Application

1)  3 months since Eagle Board of Review or last Palm.

2)  5 Merit Badges not used to receive the Eagle Scout Award.

3)  Scoutmaster, Coach or Adviser conference.

4)  Unit Leader must sign the application.

5)  Board of Review, Signature on application.

6)  Submit the application along with an Advancement Report to the Council Service Center.

7)  Council will check the Merit Badges listed.

If the application is in order, it will be submitted to the Scout Executive for his signature.  At that time, the Unit Leader will be contacted.  The palm cannot be purchased if this process is not complete.  It may take up to 2 weeks after submitting the application for approval to receive the palm.