Chapter Information


 Zane Trace  Chapter (Units in the Zane Trace District) 

Meets the 2nd Sunday of each month, 2:00pm, at the Council Office

Chapter Adviser: Kevin Burch

Wapagoklos Chapter (Units in Knox County):

Meets 2nd Thursday of every month , 7:30 pm (Arrowhead District Roundtable): Warsaw UMC

Chapter Adviser: Preston Moore

Yandata Chapter (Units in Coshocton County): 

Meets the 3rd Thursday of every month, 7:30 pm, Burt Avenue Wesleyan Church, Coshocton.

Chapter Adviser: Eric Udischas

Forest Trails Chapter (Units in the River Trails District):

Meets the 1st Sunday of the month 2:00 pm, First United Methodist Church, Cambridge.

Chapter Adviser: Steven Channell