Ordeals & Fellowships

September 2-4, 2016 MVSR

Cost is $40 for Candidates. Click here if you are an Ordeal Candidate

Cost is $10 per Member, $25 if you want to take your Brotherhood. Sealing your Membership as a Brotherhood Member of the Order of the Arrow takes you to a new level of understanding of what we do, and a new level of commitment and service to yourself and Scouting.

All Members are welcome to attend and participate in fun, fellowship, and service to MVSR. Learn about the Lodge Service Corps and how you can turn your Lodge Service Hours into Awards.  Learn more about how your Chapter operates and how YOU can get involved.

Please call the Council Service Center at 800-934-2128 to register. Please provide your troop number, youth or adult, and if you wish to take your Ordeal, Brotherhood, or just attend as a member.