Have you scheduled your Family Friends of Scouting Presentation?

Gifts from ‘Friends of Scouting’ (FOS)  help pay to keep Scouting resources available to all Scouting leaders and families. This website would not be possible without the generous support of our ‘Friends of Scouting’ donors. Other examples of your FOS gifts at work include; camperships, recruiting flyers and materials, camp and scout service center administration and upkeep, and a paid staff that works diligently to assist you and your unit.  It costs Muskingum Valley Council an average of $150 per scout to provide these services.  We have the most affordable summer camp experience in the states of Ohio AND West Virginia thanks to the support of our ‘Friends of Scouting’.

Every Scout unit is asked to schedule a ‘Friends of Scouting’ presentation.  This is an opportunity for local Scouting volunteers ask the parents and leaders of your unit for their financial support.  The short presentation reminds parents of the value of Scouting and gives them an opportunity to invest in a strong local Scouting program.

When your unit has a presentation, it is rewarded with free tent camping at the Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation.  If your unit contributes enough to reach an average gift of $45 per scout,  the unit earns free rank and advancement for the rest of the year.   Just as importantly, you will know that your unit is doing it’s part to ensure quality Scouting programs are available in our council for another year.

Live United

United Ways throughout our area are Kicking off their fundraising campaigns this week.  As Scouts and Scouters we can all be thankful for the generous support we recieve from the United Way.  For the next several months, volunteers throughout our community will be working hard to raise funds to support Scouting and many other worthy organizations.  Everyone is encouraged to make an investment in your community through the United Way.  By living united we all make the world a better place for ourselves, our friends and our neighbors.  Follow these links to learn more about the United Way in your community:

Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties:    http://www.unitedwayofmpm.org/

Knox County:    http://www.uwayknox.org/

Coshocton County:    http://www.coshoctonunitedway.org/

Guernsey & Noble Counties:    http://www.guernseynobleunitedway.com/our-agencies/

United Way

The Muskingum Valley Council is a proud partner of the United Way!

Your support of the United Way, is support for many worthy organizations including Scouting.  The Muskingum Valley Council is a partner agency with the United Way and we encourage your support of their annual campaign.