Exciting News!

The Muskingum Valley Council Executive Board has approved the preparation of final architectual designs and all preliminary planning for the expansion of the Central Lodge at MVSR.  This decision will allow completion of the design and approval process over the next several months allowing construction to begin this fall.

For many years, attendance at summer camp has far exceeded the building’s capacity.  We have had Scouts eating under the adjacent shelter, and under two large canapies.  It has gotten so crowded that meals are actually being served outside on the porch.  Weekend events often stretched the limits of the facility as well.

This expansion will double the capacity of the Central Lodge from about 150 to 300 or more.  It will allow the entire camp to participate together in the fun and antics of the mealtime program.  It will provide far better conditions for eating meals, especially in inclement weather.

While we are excited that we are beginning the final planning, we still have funds to raise.  An additional $60,000 is needed before construction can begin on the Central Lodge.  We also need another $2.1 million to reach our total campaign goal which includes replacement of the Resource Center in Zanesville and the construction of a camping village consisting of cabins and a bath/shower facility.  If you are excited to see this progress, make your Capital Campaign contribution today!

Is your unit leadership planning to attend the Program Planning Festival on May 10th?

Is your unit leadership planning to attend the Program Planning Festival on May 10th?

Here’s another reason to be sure your unit is represented: We will give an extra 2% commission for next fall’s popcorn sales to every unit that; 1. attends the May 10 Program Planning festival, 2. submits a unit program calendar for the coming year, and 3. submits an annual budget.

Your unit program calendar and budget aren’t due until August, but you must be at the program planning festival on May 10th or you won’t be able to qualify for the added commission.