Forest Trails District

Welcome To Our District Page!

Forest Trails District covers Guernsey, Noble, and southern Tuskarawas Counties serving 565 youth and growing! The volunteers of our district are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced scouters you can find anywhere so if you have a question or need some guidance ask around and you will find your answer close at hand. If you are new or need some refreshing new outlooks and perspectives please attend one of our District Roundtables held every second Thursday of the month, see below for specific details!

District Chair            District Commissioner                    District Executive

Susan Jividen           Steve Connell                                 Amanda Wisniewski
740-319-7472           740-439-5522                                740-255-1092                                                                                                                  

Have a specific question? Look below to find who can help you and call the Scout Office for contact information! 1-800-934-2128

  1. Susan Jividen: District Chairperson
  2.                           District Commissioner
  3. Steven Channell: Camping and Outdoor Promotions Chair
  4. Dale Ward: Membership Chair
  5. Kent Biegler: Advancement Chair
  6. Brooke Johnson:  Activities & Civic Service Chair
  7. Brent Huffman: District Pinewood Derby Chair
  8. Michael Brooks: Activities  Committee
  9. Tom Elliott: Awards Committee
  10. Dave Milligan: Awards Committee
  11. Bryan Jackson: Awards Committee
  12. Clyde Mayne: Popcorn Chair
  13. Bryan Hardesty: Finance Chair
  14. George Payton: Finance Committee
  15. Alan Hurst: Family FOS Chair
  16. Holly Smith: Day Camp Program Director
  17. Heather Robertson: Day Camp Director
  18. Terry McAfee: Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
  19. James Williams: Unit Commissioner
  20. Amanda Powell: Membership Committee
  21. Cliff Buckey: Unit Commissioner
  22. Dana Lake: Family FOS Committee

Forest Trails Roundtable Meeting

It only happens once a month – Don’t miss out!

These meetings are a great opportunity for Scouting leaders to learn and develop their Scouting skills.

  • Monthly Theme Idea’s
  • Supplemental Training
  • All the Latest Resources
  • Updates on District and Council Activities available to your Scouts
  • Coaching
  • Fellowship
  • Fun!

Each Unit should have at least one representative attend each month

Boy Scout Leaders Roundtable:

7:00 PM  2nd Thursday of Each Month

First Baptist Church: 136 East 8th Street, Cambridge, OH

Cub Scout Leaders Roundtable

7:00 PM,  2nd Thursday of Each Month

First Baptist Church: 136 East 8th Street, Cambridge, OH

Forest Trails District Committee Meeting

Attention to everyone who’s ever wondered HOW, exactly, does the District run: the short answer is via committee.  The Forest Trails District Committee meets at the First Baptist Church in Cambridge, 6 pm, the 1st Thursday of every month.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the District Committee, or are just curious about how the district runs, we invite you to attend!

Day: 2nd Thursday of each month year around

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: First Baptist Church in Cambridge, 136 East 8th Street, Cambridge, OH  43725