Sell Camp Cards to earn your way to Camp!

Camp Card Sign-Up Form

Click the link above to view the 2013 Camp Card Sign-Up Form.  Loaded with great discounts, the card will pay for itself with just a few uses.  The discount card sells for $10, and the Scout or unit earns a full 50% ($5.00).

Cards are available beginning at your April Roundtable meetings.  Take 5-10 cards per Scout and if you need more, just give us a call at the Service Center.  Money due and any unsold cards must be returned by Friday, June 1st or the unit will be charged .

NOTE:  The unit is responsible for any cards that are not returned at a cost of $5.00 each.

Muskingum Valley Council

2013 Discount Card Sale

 Earn your way to camp selling Camp Cards!


Units with Scouts and Scouters who want to earn money to pay for Scouting related expenses.


A simple fund raising opportunity for units and Scouts.

A credit card sized card with 15 re-usable discounts and two one-time discounts.  The purchaser presents the card at point of sale to receive the discount.  The card is returned to be used over and over again.  Two of the discounts are one-time offers.  These tear off the card and are presented to the cashier at time of purchase.


Scouts and Scouters sell the cards for $10.00 each.  The unit keeps $5.00 and returns $5.00 and any unsold cards to the Council Service Center by June 1st.

Can you return unsold cards and not be charged for them?

Yes – provided they are returned by June 1st.

Will we be penalized if we do not return lost, stolen, unsold or misplaced cards?

Yes!  The unit must pay $5.00 for every card that is not returned by June 1st.


Units pick up cards at April Roundtable, or at the Service Center beginning Friday April 6th.

Sell Cards throughout the months of April and May.

All Cards or money due are returned to the Council Service Center no later than Friday, June  1st.

Enjoy a great summer camping experience!