Send Your Boss To Camp

On August 23, 2013, the Muskingum Valley Council hosted a fundraising event called “Send Your Boss to Camp”. This event featured fun activities, competitions and an overnight Scout-style camp-out held on the Service Center Grounds..


We invite the community to participate in¬†next year’s event by nominating their Boss!

How It Works

  • Employees can nominate their boss by calling or emailing Lisa Potts (contact information at the bottom of the page)
  • Participating businesses’ employees will be asked to raise at least $250 (more would be ¬†greatly appreciated)
  • Employees who donate $100 or more will be invited to cheer on their Boss during competitions and to the camp-out feast. They will also receive a “I Sent My Boss to Camp” T-shirt.
  • The designated Boss will need to show up at 5pm on August 23rd with a sleeping bag for an overnight Scout-style camp-out

Please RSVP by calling the Service Center at 740-453-0571 so that we can get your Boss’ Care Package ready for them.

Funds that are raised and pledge forms are due at registration the day of the event. We will take care of billing those who pledge money.

All proceeds will benefit the Muskingum Valley Council’s Scouting programs.