Making Popcorn a Critical Part of your Unit Program

If you are selling popcorn ‘just because’ then your Scouts are missing out on the important character education that comes from learning to ‘pay their own way’.  Living the words; ‘A Scout is Thrifty’ includes learning to handle money and to earn your own way.  Units that make the popcorn sale an important part of their annual plan are teaching their scouts important life lessons.  Looking adults in the eye, public speaking, knowing a script and sticking to it, handling money, goal setting, and earning rewards are all important lessons a Scout can learn through the popcorn sale.

Here’s a form to help you plan your year and make a unit budget.  Use this form to enter your proposed activities and anticipated costs.  It will automatically calculate your total budget, and the amount of popcorn each scout should sell to pay for their ideal year of scouting!  Turning in this annual plan and budget will earn your unit an additional 2% commission on all the popcorn your unit sells.