Construction Update

The renovation and expansion of our Scouting Resource Center continues. The expansion phase will be completed November 2nd.  At that time we will temporarily move our operations into the new section while the renovation of the store and program offices is completed.

To facilitate the move to the new section, we will be closing the offices and the store on Thursday, November 1st and Friday November 2nd.  During this time, we will conduct an inventory of the Scout store and make final preparations for the move.  On Saturday, November 3rd, we will be moving desks, files etc… into the new section.  We will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday, November 5th and 6th, while we set up the temporary office and store.  The store and offices should re-open, in the new section, on Wednesday, November 7th.

Renovation of the remaining portion will begin November 12th and should be completed by mid January.

Thank you all for your patience during this time of renewal.