Coming Soon: the new River Trails district

On Thursday, November 15th, at a special meeting of the Council, a resolution was passed agreeing to accept approximately 25 units and 500 youth from the Allohak Council into the Muskingum Valley Council.  One final vote, scheduled for November 29th, will dissolve the Allohak Council and make the transfer official effective January 1st.  This historic resolution will bring new faces, new ideas, and new opportunities.  We live in exciting times!

The units come from Washington County, OH, Pleasants County, WV, and Williamstown West Virginia.  With the addition of this territory, the Muskingum Valley Council is finally complete.  We now cover the entire Muskingum Valley from the Walhonding and Tuscarawas rivers to their confluence in Coshocton, where they combine to form the Muskingum River, all the way to the mouth of the river in Marietta.

The new territory will join with the Forest Trails District to form the new River Trails district.  The leaders of both areas have already been meeting to plan the future of their new district.  The new River Trails district will be approximately the same size as the Arrowhead, and Zane Trace Districts.  District Executive Amanda Wisniewski is already busy getting to know the new units and leadership.

In the past 6 months, as I have met with the representatives of Scouting in Washington County, I have discovered incredible resilience, and an unstoppable passion for the program.  I am convinced this addition will be very positive for our council and the new units, leaders and families that are joining us.  We will be stronger, and better able to serve families throughout the council.  Please join me in welcoming these new leaders and families!

Ed Mulholland, Scout Executive