Time for your annual Program Planning meeting:

The BSA’s annual program plan calls for each unit to hold a planning meeting over the summer. In Cub Scouting, the meeting is attended by leaders and parents. In Scouts BSA the youth are involved in the meeting.  The purpose is to outline your plan for the coming program year.  This plan can then be shared widely so everyone knows whats coming.  When it comes to unit fundraising, this meeting lets you know how much it will cost to keep the unit active.  When parents know what the money is needed for they are more likely to help raise the fund.

Use this form to enter your proposed activities and anticipated costs.  It will automatically calculate your total budget, and the amount of popcorn each scout should sell to pay for their ideal year of scouting!


Take time this summer to plan an exciting year, then bring this completed form to our August 11th Popcorn and Membership Kickoff at MVSR (10AM – Noon) to earn extra commission in this year’s sale!