NESA Dinner

The Council’s annual NESA (National Eagle Scout Association) dinner was held Saturday evening.  Thank you to our local NESA committee for hosting this great event.

Both David Milligan and Arv Palmer were recognized with the National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council’s NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level.  Both David and Arv have distinguished themselves with years of exceptional service to Scouting, and by their leadership of other organizations.

Arv Palmer has been the Council’s national representative for years. He is currently serving as Council President.  He is an elder at his church, coaches a Bible Bowl team, delivers meals on wheels, and is an active member of the Gideons International.

David Milligan has served as Order of the Arrow lodge advisor for 20 years.  He has been both Scoutmaster and Cubmaster.  He is very active in the Masonic Lodge, volunteers for ‘The Living Word’ outdoor Drama and serves on their board of directors.

These are just a few of the many ways these men continue to fulfill their Scout Oath in their daily lives.  Congratulations to David and Arv.  Thank you for your continued service!

Other Awards presented were the Eagle Scout project of the year – given to Garrett Taylor-Leedy, and a full scholarship to the National Youth Leader Training presented to Charles Hall.

Support the Raymond Nicholson II Eagle Scout scholarship.

These are the patches that were made for Ray Nicholson’s scholarship. $10 each.  Ray earned his Eagle Scout right here in the Muskingum Valley Council.  The Scholarship is a great way to honor Ray’s life and accomplishments while supporting current and future Scouts. All proceeds go directly to the scholarship account.  They are available at the Council office and at Fink’s where Ray worked.

These are the patches that were made for Ray's scholarship. $10 each. All proceeds go directly to the scholarship account. I have 50 of them.  They are also at the Council office and will be at Ray's benefit later this month.

Wood Badge Training Course 2014

wood badge Pentagon

2014 Wood Badge Training Course:

Wood Badge is the BSA’s ultimate leadership training for adults; it offers a six day immersion in the theory, practice, and experience of appropriate skills for leading others within Scouting and environments beyond the BSA. We have an approved course scheduled for two weekends in 2014: August 22 – 24, and September 26 – 28. Karen Richeson will serve as Course Director. Click here all the details and the registration form:

Course Information Flier

Acceptance Of Invitation to Attend Wood Badge

Wood Badge Patron Form


Exciting News!

The Muskingum Valley Council Executive Board has approved the preparation of final architectual designs and all preliminary planning for the expansion of the Central Lodge at MVSR.  This decision will allow completion of the design and approval process over the next several months allowing construction to begin this fall.

For many years, attendance at summer camp has far exceeded the building’s capacity.  We have had Scouts eating under the adjacent shelter, and under two large canapies.  It has gotten so crowded that meals are actually being served outside on the porch.  Weekend events often stretched the limits of the facility as well.

This expansion will double the capacity of the Central Lodge from about 150 to 300 or more.  It will allow the entire camp to participate together in the fun and antics of the mealtime program.  It will provide far better conditions for eating meals, especially in inclement weather.

While we are excited that we are beginning the final planning, we still have funds to raise.  An additional $60,000 is needed before construction can begin on the Central Lodge.  We also need another $2.1 million to reach our total campaign goal which includes replacement of the Resource Center in Zanesville and the construction of a camping village consisting of cabins and a bath/shower facility.  If you are excited to see this progress, make your Capital Campaign contribution today!

Picnic Tables

MVSR can always use more picnic tables.  Building or purchasing a picnic table for camp is a great service project for any unit or individual.  Any Unit wishing to build a picnic table should review the specific plans we require and contact Ranger Ron.

Any unit or individual that would like to purchase a picnic table must purchase a table which meets our specifications.  A great way to purchase the right table, and help the developmentally disabled members of Venture Crew 555 is to purchase from Guernsey Industries (740-439-5017).  For just $204 they will build a 6 foot table suitable for camp and deliver it from their workshops in Cambridge to Camp.

What a great way to help our disabled friends and the Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation!