Adult Recognition

Advancement and Recognition is not just for youth within the BSA. There are a whole host of awards our adult leaders can earn. Take a look to see if you, or a leader within your unit or district is qualified.

Uniform Square Knot Recognition    Scouter's Training Award Knot                                            Knots for: Training, Leadership Roles, Community Involvement, Service, Faith, Supporting Scouting, and Advancement earned as a Youth in Scouting.

Religious Emblems Program             Adult Religious Award Knot                                            Knots and Medals available for your service and commitment to your Institution of Faith.

District Award of Merit:                      District Award of Merit Knot                                            The highest award a District may bestow upon a volunteer.

Silver Beaver Award Nomination Form 2019                   Silver Beaver Knot                The highest award the Council may bestow upon a volunteer.

2019 Silver Beaver program with list of all Silver Beaver Recipients

District Awards:  Arrowhead  Forest Trails – Zane Trace

Silver Beaver Nomination

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