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The expansion of the Central Lodge will be completed by April 1st.  The seating area will nearly double in size and the entire building gets a facelift and new roof.  It is a significant improvement that will contribute to stronger program for years to come.

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We are pleased to have dedicated a new building at Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation in June of this year, devoted during summer camp for use by scouts earning merit badges and advancements in the STEM program.

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Funding for the structure was provided by the council Capital Campaign and a major gift from the J. William and Mary Helen Straker Foundation. Labor for the construction was steered by the council Properties Committee, chaired by Jim Gill of Coshocton, Ohio. The 24’ x 48’ building was completed in just 6 weeks, in time for resident camp in 2014.

Winterized for year round use, it is air conditioned and contains 5 rooms.  During summer camp, the l;arge gathering room serves as a STEM classroom and two of the smaller rooms serve as computer labs with a total of eight computer stations.

Thanks again to the William J. and Mary Helen Straker Foundation for their significant gift to help make this cabin possible.  Click the link at the bottom of this page to make your contribution to the Capital Campaign.

Exciting News!

The Muskingum Valley Council Executive Board has approved the preparation of final architectual designs and all preliminary planning for the expansion of the Central Lodge at MVSR.  This decision will allow completion of the design and approval process over the next several months allowing construction to begin this fall.

For many years, attendance at summer camp has far exceeded the building’s capacity.  We have had Scouts eating under the adjacent shelter, and under two large canapies.  It has gotten so crowded that meals are actually being served outside on the porch.  Weekend events often stretched the limits of the facility as well.

This expansion will double the capacity of the Central Lodge from about 150 to 300 or more.  It will allow the entire camp to participate together in the fun and antics of the mealtime program.  It will provide far better conditions for eating meals, especially in inclement weather.

While we are excited that we are beginning the final planning, we still have funds to raise.  An additional $60,000 is needed before construction can begin on the Central Lodge.  We also need another $2.1 million to reach our total campaign goal which includes replacement of the Resource Center in Zanesville and the construction of a camping village consisting of cabins and a bath/shower facility.  If you are excited to see this progress, make your Capital Campaign contribution today!

Dear Friends of Scouting,

Are you enjoying your Scouting experience?  Do you have memories of the big pinewood derby race, or leading your patrol at the Klondike Derby?  Perhaps you were never a Scout but you see the joy in your child’s face as they meet and overcome exciting new challenges in Scouting?  Perhaps you’ve watched as your child grew in self confidence and developed great character?

Week after week, year after year, Scouting programs have worked with area youth to ensure they are ‘Prepared. For Life’.  Over those many years, the community, and Scouting families have provided the financial resources necessary to continue the program, not just for themselves, but for future generations.  Think of the return on investment received by donors who funded the construction of the Scout Service Center and Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation back in the 60’s.  Over 10,000 nights camping just this past year.  Three thousand youth served annually for 45 years…  What an incredible legacy!

Now it is our turn to shape the future of Scouting for the next 50 years.  This campaign will help us provide the top quality facilities our Scouts and leaders deserve.  On April 20th the Council Kicked off its $3,000,000 campaign to build the future of Scouting.  Will you join me by making a personal investment?  Click here to review the Campaign Brochure

Ed Mulholland, Scout Executive

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