Each year the MVC depends on its donors to make its programs and day-to-day operations possible. These programs help to change the lives of young men and women by educating them in important life-skills and preparing them for life. This makes a real impact in our community’s youth. Scouts are more likely to participate in healthful activities, take measures to conserve the environment, have better relationships with their families, have a stronger sense of spirituality, to hold leadership positions outside of Scouts, and are more likely to graduate high school. We would like to thank our generous donors for helping us continue to provide excellent leaders, training, programs, and keeping MVSR Summer Camp affordable! Thank you to our donors for a great year!

Giving levels for Friends of Scouting:

One Scout One Year: $180 (annual campaign patch)

Bronze: $250+ (Plaque with patch & bronze plate)

Silver: $500+ (Plaque with patch & silver plate)

Gold: $1,000+ (Plaque with patch & gold plate)

Champion of Scouting: $1,200+ (special recognition)

Want to help out the Scouting cause? Please contact the Scout Service Center at (740) 453-0571 and ask about the current Friends of Scouting Campaign. Thank you!