Double Your Donation For FREE!!!

Do you know if your company matches your charitable contribution? Do you know if they will pay your charitable organization for your VOLUNTEER hours?  Well many of them do!  Everyone is watching their pennies these days; so, what a great way to get the most out of every penny and minute you spend to help the Boy Scouts of America!  Here are just a few of the local business’ that have these kinds of employee programs:

Walmart & Sam’s Club:  Volunteer 25hrs they will donate $250!

Verizon: Matches contributions $25-$1000/yr and/or Volunteer 50hrs they will donate $750!

Avon: Matches contributions 2:1 for amount up to $500, $501-1000 matches 1:1

PNC: Matches contributions $25-$2500 per year

Boeing:  Matches contributions and/or pays $250 for 25 hours of Volunteer time!

The above companies and many others would love to help the BSA if you were to register your contribution and/or volunteer time.  If you are unsure if your company has a program like this PLEASE inquire to your HR dept. and find out!!  The more money we can raise for our local council the more camperships and programs we can offer to our boys.  Questions? Contact your Scout Executive or the Council Office