MVC Ham Radio

Muskingum Valley Council Hams,

We have been working on increasing Amateur Radio in the council.  Ham activities will be posted here as they are planned.  If you have a ham activity planned, please contact Billie Dickson, wb8trk or Matthew Murphy, kc8bew.  We’d love to help and promote it.

InterpretorStrip001-300x45Do you know the code?  If you do you may  be eligible for the Morse Code interpreter strip that can be worn on the uniform over the right pocket.  Information and training aides can be found at K2BSA.Net.


Don’t forget the Amateur Radio Rating Strip.  All you need to do to wear it is to have a license.  Contact the council service center to order yours today.

Have you thought about getting your Amateur Radio license?  If so, we may be able to help.  We are looking at putting a class together for scouts and scouters with a testing session afterwords.  There is no age requirement.  ANY scout can do this.  If you are interested, contact Matthew Murphy, KC8BEW at 740-704-8836 or at